How To Play!

March 6, 2009

Welcome to Winning Tweet. Pass us on and Retweet the questions. The more followers we have the sooner we can offer real prizes for tweets! We hope to add this feature soon.

Untill then it’s for fun and glory!

Games can be from the academic to the topical!

  • Academic games end when the first person tweets the correct answer, they win.
  • Topical/subject games are longer and a winner is chosen by us!


Q: (Academic) – What is 2+2.

You would reply to us. 4. When you do. You win. Unless someone gets there first. But it’ll be a little harder then that!

Q:(Subjective) – Who is the most over rated artist/singer of all time.

You would reply to us your answer. We let the subject questions run for a while giving people a chance to get involved. Along the way we will retweet the best ones to everybody for fun and then announce a winner and move onto the next question.

So, tweet us to your friends and lets get started.